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Hi All!

My name is Jamie O'Donnell and I’m an MSc candidate in International Politics at Trinity College Dublin, currently seeking people to be interviewed for my dissertation project.

My project examines the potential for aligning China's regulatory approach to AI with the EU's rights-based approach in the EU AI Act. Specifically, I am exploring:

  • The extent to which China might be influenced by a ‘Brussels effect.’
  • The feasibility of direct cooperation between China and the EU to establish robust global AI standards, mitigating the risks associated with international competition.

Motivation:  The core motivation of the project is to further the possibility of coherent and cohesive global standards for AI. By establishing the likelihood of a Brussels effect from the EU AI Act, I will highlight the degree to which the EU can expect the standards it has set so far to become truly global (by having them adopted in their greatest rival, China). With the limitations of the Brussels effect in mind, I will identify possible avenues and points of leverage for direct cooperation or partnership with China on setting mutually beneficial standards.

I am looking for anyone with expertise or experience in one or more of the following areas: 

  • EU policy-making, especially foreign policy
  • Chinese Policy making, especially foreign policy
  • AI regulation/policy making
  • AI technical expertise

You do not need to be familiar with every area the project covers, as I will brief you on everything it is important to know during the interview.

I am looking to gain insight on various ideas which I will then piece together in the final project. 

Participation involves a one-on-one interview that will last approximately 30 - 50 minutes, conducted over zoom throughout July. Interviews will be recorded for accuracy but can be fully anonymised in any publications or presentations if you prefer. The recordings themselves won't be used for anything other than my records unless your express consent is given.

If you feel you have some expertise that could contribute to the project and are happy to be interviewed, please reach out to me at odonnej9@tcd.ieI'll then send you a Calendly link to choose a time/date that suits you, as well as a consent form and information pamphlet. I am, of course,  also happy to answer any questions you have before committing.




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