Hi, I'm currently conducting research on how to improve giving using nudge-like interventions to encourage donations to EA charities. To avoid duplicate research (Or if I do duplicate research, so I can at least make sure it's at least an exact replication) I'm looking for any of the following:

1. Research on extending interventions to increase retirement savings, like Benartzi and Thaler's "Save More Tomorrow" plan, towards encouraging future charity donations.

2. Research on whether nudge interventions can induce people to donate to charity in their wills.

In addition, if any of you belong to one of these groups, or are in close contact with anyone in these groups, please let me know:

A. Owners, management, or human resources at companies who would be interested in finding ways to increase employee giving along the lines of what's outlined in 1 and able to either give permission for such an experiment or convince someone else to give permission.

B. Estate attorneys in the United States or Canada who would be willing to discuss the process of drafting a will to help with research related to that outlined in 2.

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I appreciate that you're very specific in what you're asking for!

This isn't a perfect match for your request, but the UK Behavioural Insights team has done a lot of nudge-style work on charitable giving. This report links to a few of their results, but I think they've done quite a bit more past that.

As for request (A) in your post; is there a certain size of company you'd need in order to run the study you are considering? I can think of at least one person who might be interested, but I think the company they run might be too small.