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Vivian Belenky, a research fellow at Convergent Research, discusses the use of far-UVC technology to reduce the transmission of pathogens in indoor environments. The conversation covers the current state of the technology, safety considerations, and pathways to reducing its cost. 

In this episode we discuss

  • How Vivian came to work on biosecurity and specifically indoor air quality
  • A brief history of germicidal ultraviolet radiation and the current state of far-UVC technology
  • What is required for far-UVC to be adopted in a broader context
  • Potential pathways to reducing the cost of far-UVC
  • Safety considerations for far-UVC
  • How engineers can contribute to developing far-UVC technology
  • How engineers can contribute to promoting wide-spread adoption of far-UVC technology

Listen & show notes: http://engineeredforimpact.show/vivian

Watch on YouTube: 

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