This is a collection of reading lists compiled by the journal International Affairs. They're meant to "provide in-depth collections of analysis on specific themes, drawn from the pages of International Affairs since 2000. Ideal for module reading lists, or an introduction to a new IR topic, we hope these lists prove a valuable resource for researchers, teachers and students alike."

Since most core EA issues involve international relations (IR), it seems uniquely important to be familiar with IR. Global health and development has always been an IR topic, effective animal advocacy is branching out into Asia and Latin America, and managing global catastrophic risks requires coordination to provide public goods.

I think the following reading lists would be of special interest to effective altruists:

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Thanks for posting this! I appreciate seeing the kinds of resources experts share with people who want to become experts, even outside the EA context. This is a useful reminder that you don't need a mentor or years of schooling to get a solid grounding in any number of IR issues.

You're welcome! I'm actually not an expert; I want to learn myself and someone else shared this with me.

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