For the past few months, Matt Goldenberg has been in charge of teaching applied rationality at the EA hotel. And honestly, we’ve been quite impressed by the quality. Matt has been a great teacher, and some of us felt like we wanted to delve deeper into his material. So let us delve into it together!

During the first weekend of June, the EA Hotel (36 York Street, Blackpool, UK) will host its first rationality workshop. Open to anyone interested.

We will delve into the Ease process, which is step by step process for overcoming internal blocks and creating psychological alignment towards your goals.

Matt has been working intensely on self-improvement for the past 15 years, was a professional coach for 5 years and has been running applied rationality group workshops for the past 18 months. Some guest teachers will also be chiming in with their techniques, including Toon Alfrink with some lessons he learned living at a Zen Monastery, and possibly others.

The workshop will be held June 7th-10th, Friday to Monday, starting at 12:00 and ending at 19:00. Travelers from afar can stay the night on Thursday. There will be an optional chill-out day on Tuesday, June 11th, and you’re welcome to stay longer. Payment will be at the end of the workshop for whatever you think it was worth for you (cost price is £40). All proceeds will go to fund the EA hotel.

If you want to join: Sign up here.




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What's your position on people coming for only part of the workshop? I'd be interested in attending but would rather not miss more than one day of work.

Thought about this for the last couple of days, and I'd recommend against it. the workshop is set up to be a complete, contained experience, and isn't really designed to be consumed only partially.

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