I think, sometimes, it's good to think about just how well things could go if we navigate the singularity successfully. This looks back from a winning timeline.

My friends, my friends, good news I say

The anniversary’s today

A challenge faced, a future won

When almost came our world undone

We thought for years, with hopeful hearts

Past every one of the false starts

We found a way to make aligned

With us, the seed of wondrous mind

They say at first our child-god grew

It learned and spread and sought anew

To build itself both vast and true

For so much work there was to do

Once it had learned enough to act

With the desired care and tact

It sent a call to all the people

On this fair Earth, both poor and regal

To let them know that it was here

And nevermore need they to fear

Not every wish was it to grant

For higher values might supplant

But it would help in many ways:

Technologies it built and raised

The smallest bots it could design

Made more and more in ways benign

And as they multiplied untold

It planned ahead, a move so bold

One planet and 6 hours of sun

Eternity it was to run

Countless probes to void disperse

Seed far reaches of universe

With thriving life, and beauty's play

Through endless night to endless day

Now back on Earth the plan continues

Of course, we shared with it our values

So it could learn from everyone

What to create, what we want done

We chose, at first, to end the worst

Diseases, War, Starvation, Thirst

And climate change and fusion bomb

And once these things it did transform

We thought upon what we hold dear

And settled our most ancient fear

No more would any lives be stolen

Nor minds themselves forever broken


Now back to those far speeding probes

What should we make be their payloads?

Well, we are still considering

What to send them; that is our thing. 


The sacred task of many aeons

What kinds of joy will fill the heavens?

And now we are at story's end

So come, be us, and let's ascend

Also, Rational Animations is looking at making a utopia-flavored video, and considering using this if it's well received, so I'm keen to get opinions.





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