Which was predicted here, such a commitment to EA might be as meaningful as his commitment to buying Twitter. Hopefully I'm wrong, but as the Wall Street Journal just reported

By spring, the Tesla CEO’s bid for Twitter required him to put up tens of billions of dollars in personal funding and was consuming much of his attention. Meanwhile, Tesla’s stock was dropping as the broader market pulled back, pinching Mr. Musk’s net worth.

Mr. Birchall in May asked Mr. Musk to remove Mr. Kurganov from his post at the foundation.

Mr. Musk agreed to let Mr. Kurganov go, the representative of the foundation says.

None of Mr. Musk’s money was ultimately spent on projects related to effective altruism, the representative says, and Mr. Kurganov’s Musk Foundation email was switched off roughly six weeks ago.

Maybe someday? Fingers crossed. 




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