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All the articles from Asterisk's AI special:

Matt Clancy and Tamay Besiroglu debate whether AI will lead to explosive economic growth

Jeffrey Ding argues that we overestimate China's AI capabilities 

Beth Barnes explans ARC Evals' work on GPT-4

Scott Alexander looks into the field of AI forecasting since 2016

Sarah Constantin on what happens to AI progress if Moore's Law ends

Jonathan Mann argues that LLMs won't result in tech job losses by 2025

Carl Robichaud on the history of nuclear non-proliferation and takeaways for AI governance

Kelsey Piper offers an overview and history of the field of AI Safety

Rob Long on the problem of how we should think about AI cognition

Avital Balwit gives an overview of compute governance

Michael Gordin on how American scientists underestimated how long it would take the Soviets to create an atomic bomb

Jamie Wahl's short story Emotional Intelligence Amplification

The Editors on why they worry about AI risk

Bonus: the magazine offers a visualisation of LLM progress in the last 6 years

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Does anyone else from the UK get a 'unsupported protocol' error from the Asterix site? I do, but it doesn't trigger if I use a VPN.

The link to a paper of diffusion capacity in the article about China by Jeffrey Ding seems to be broken.

Lots of great stuff here. Strongly recommend following Asterisk.

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