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I wonder if, on forms requiring someone to fill out, "How are you engaged with EA?" 

With answers like:

"Accepted a job/changed career path due to EA", "Changed college studies...", "Committed to donating x% income/year", "Have gone to an EAG", "Engage with EA Forum/rationalist blogs", etc.

Would it make sense to include "Changed diet due to EA considerations"? (or perhaps 'my diet is in line with EA considerations for animal welfare'? Though I doubt EA really prescribes a certain diet... so perhaps here is a clue as to why it's not included.)

I just recall filling out a form with some org that had these options and not the last one, and I was surprised that animal welfare was not represented/something that I try to do and attribute to EA was not represented. Especially since I think, as a behavior, it could also be a decent proxy for someone's engagement (perhaps investment/sacrifice?) with EA.

So, I suppose not much of a call to action considering I cannot even name where I encountered this, more a comment on the breeze about how animal welfare feels waylaid to me. But if someone also has further insight into my predicament I'd appreciate the help.

Interesting point! Now that you mention it, I don't recall seeing that listed in some of the forms I've filled out, but it is definitely true that I have changed my diet due to my engagement with EA.

Recently I was looking around EA organizations and I thought it might be useful to have a visualization of this database compiled by Michel Justen. This visualization was rushed out as part of a hackathon with AE Studio and with the help of Jean Mayer, a dev there.

This is pretty rudimentary and feedback is more than welcome, especially regarding how I might best compile some of the below data to include in a future version in an actual post.

  • Organization size by workers (as represented by bubble size)
  • Funding per the organization (as represented by bubble size) (and also per cause area)
  • Potentially provide data over time
  • Perhaps a short blurb to further specify how orgs within a cause area differ from each other
  • Other info?

Also, I think it could certainly look better by (spending more time on the visualization looking nice) having the cause areas be better truncated regarding some orgs with a lot of cause areas.

This could provide a cool visualization of the comparative efforts within our community by cause area by ‘bubble size’, and help people understand a bit more about EA organizations and what it means to be ‘EA’.

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