Just in case you've not seen it yet, the Giving What We Can Pledge drive has started! We're trying to grow our community of people who give more, and more effectively. It’s also a time for existing members to reflect on their giving, make donations, and learn how to advocate.

You can really help by joining the Facebook event, inviting and messaging your group friends, and (if you've taken a pledge) posting about why you took the pledge and what advice you'd give to others thinking about pledging. We've had a couple of lovely posts already (thanks Jo, Timur and Nate!).

Our biggest year was 2016-2017 where during December-January 368 people took The Pledge and 152 took a Try Giving pledge (for context ~800 people RSVP'd to the event on Facebook). I believe we can really bring some momentum into this and help create a culture of effective giving.

We're also running an effective giving advocacy challenge during December that I encourage you to get involved with.

Any questions just let me know 😀




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