Altruism Coach

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As a retired clinical psychologist, I am offering in-person, telephone or video-counseling free of charge for effective altruists struggling to achieve their behavioral goals.

As an altruism coach, I would:

1. Help current or potential effective altruists clarify values and set altruistic behavioral goals.

2. Help people to identify and understand societal/sociological constraints on altruistic behavior.

3. Help people to identify psychological resistance to altruistic behaviors that could explain why their actual behavior is not consistent with their behavioral goals. I could teach them empirically-validated cognitive-behavioral strategies to overcome this resistance.

4. Help people to learn how altruism and personal happiness are inextricably intertwined. And learn how to improve personal well-being through altruism.

5. And I could offer training to people interested in becoming an altruism coach.

Please email if interested.

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This is great! Have you considered mentioning this on the EA facebook group too? (No worries if you prefer not to for whatever reason, just thought I would mention it)

Thank you very much for offering your services. It's awesome to have a concrete go to referral rather than some ambiguous sense that such services are reachable.