1:1 Match, up to $50K per donor. Until the end of the year or until they hit $1 million. 

I gave all I could and still afford to pay my taxes and medical bills. 

$2K donation, $4K effective donation, eight people lifted out of poverty, and $10,400 economic impact.

A happy new year to all the people of the world. Live long and prosper:) 




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$550K raised in 36 hours. I'm very impressed with GD's ability to get so many people involved so quickly. 

From $20 donations to $20,000, we're over 360 people on a mission to donate $2 million to lift 9,000 people out of poverty and make a $5.2 million economic impact. 

For context, this single campaign, if used in a single area, could boost local GDP by 3%. 

They set a goal of 5 days but are on track to finish in half that time. 

What if you miss it? 

The Life You Can Save matching campaign has no time limit and is available once this is over. 

For US donors.


$4,500 out of $33,000 goal reached. 


For Australian donors.


$20,100 AUD out of $50,000 raised.


I'll post the Life You Can Save Campaign again in a separate post once the Million Dollar match campaign ends. 

And when that runs out, I'll talk with Tyler, Director of Communications at GiveDirectly to make sure they update the fundraising match campaign. 

In other words, there should always be a way to match your donations to GiveDirectly, and I'll do my best to help the people on these forums find it. 

If you give $1 it's matched and actually $2. 

And that's $5.2 in economic impact, a multiplier of 5.2. 

According to Moody's, most domestic programs the government funds have a multiplier of 1.36 to 1.73. 

Or, to put it another way, by matching donations to GiveDirectly, your money can make 3X more of a difference in people's lives than our most effective government spending programs (SNAP benefits). 

I spent 3 hours answering questions on the Dividend Kings forums about Givedirectly, including numerous studies and video interviews.

One of of members posted a screenshot of a $10k donation he just made.

$20k effective donation.

42 people lifted out of poverty.

$52,000 economic impact.

51 hours left in the campaign.

$850,000 raised from 542 donations and 150,000 to go.

I donated an extra $2k myself after my best friend tipped me off to PayPal MasterCard which offers 3% unlimited cash back for PayPal purchases.

Givedirectly takes PayPal.

I was approved today and they offered 2k limit before I get the card.

So I donated it all to bring my total donation for the year to $5k.

What a wonderful way to end an amazing year.

Next year will be even better.

Hello Adam! I had donated to GiveDirectly last year but was going to miss this year's matching campaign if it wasn't for this post. I have given almost nothing in comparison with you (just a mere 100€) but would to say I feel very grateful for being able to double my contribution thanks to you and that you're an inspiration. I hope I too can contribute more in the future. Thanks!

Every bit helps.

Thank you for giving what you can.

Humanity moves forward because everyone does what they can to contribute.

That's good we continue slouching towards utopia, but by bit😉

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