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🏆📈 We've created Alignment Markets! Here, you can bet on how AI safety benchmark competitions go. The current ones are about the Autocast warmup competition (meta), the Moral Uncertainty Research Competition, and the Trojan Detection Challenge.

It's hosted through Manifold Markets so you'll set up an account on their site. I've chatted with them about creating a A-to-B prediction market so maybe they'll be updated when we get there. Happy betting!

Elon Musk's perspective on AGI safety (from the Tesla AI day, source)

  • If Tesla contributes significantly to AGI, they will invest a lot in AI safety research.
  • There should be a governmental AI regulatory authority like the FDA that tries to ensure public safety for AGI.
  • Tesla will probably make a significant contribution to AGI because of their unique real-world data advantage once their robots roll out.
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