Patricia Hall had studied all her life to an archmage diviner of the Ivory Tower. When she was expelled, her heart broke and her world shattered. Even worse, she learned short after that the world might be literally about to end.

Join the eponymous character on a life-transforming journey that will take her out of academia to become an unlikely hero of magekind.

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Oh no, what have I done.

Jaime Sevilla, prolific writer

I read the book! Really enjoyed it. Definitely very clear rationalist/EA influence.

Anonymous kind friend

No Jaime, I haven't gotten around to reading your novella yet.

Anonymous patient friend

Thanks to Faatima Osman, Anne Wissemann and Jonas Sandbrink for support and feedback.

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I read this in one sitting, it scratched an itch.

"I read this in one sitting" is the highest praise a new author can receive <3

Thank you for giving it a go!