"2:1 match launches on Tuesday and will be on twitter." - Tyler Hall, Communication Director, GiveDirectly 

I just wanted to send out a heads-up about this very exciting news. 3X your charitable donation, and remember, $480 lifts a person out of poverty in 2023, and there is a 2.6X economic multiplier according to Princeton, Berkley, and the University of California, San Diego, who analyzed their Kenya campaign effects. 




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How do you access the donation matching?

On Tuesday GD will announce this and post the link. I'll post it here as soon as Tyler sends it to me.

Givedirectly Twitter feed retweets any charitable matching offers and I'll post that too if one becomes available.

2 weeks ago a woman named Catherine offered a $10k match if you sent screen shot of GD donation receipt.

A man named Peter offered to match her 10k donation.

And Givedirectly fundraiser page has a link to Julie's matching campaign.

So I donated $1k to max out Julie's campaign, sent screen shot to Catherine and Peter on the Twitter campaign.

3:1 match so $4k effective donation.

8 people lifted out of poverty and over $10k economic impact.

An example of how you can leverage several match together to get the max impact for your giving.

This time we have 2:1 guaranteed from GD campaign.

Tyler told me that GD does a big annual $1 million match campaign at the end of each year.

Not sure if it's as generous as 2:1 each year but at the least it's 1:1.

So at the end of each year it should be possible to get 2:1 match and possibly 3:1.

Something to consider when planning your charity giving for the year.

It's great to give all year if you can find a 1:1 match, which Givedirectly usually has available via their fundraising page.

But consider keeping the majority of your giving budget in reserve to get that 2:1 or even 3:1 match at the end of the year.

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