A Path Forward this Century

by WyattTessari 1 min read12th Oct 20194 comments


TLDR: Seeking feedback on this short work of macrostrategy and political philosophy for the 21st century. Summaries available p 63-67.

Hi everyone, my name is Wyatt Tessari L'Allié. I am a member of EA Toronto and a former and future politician.

In 2015 when I learned about AGI, X-Risk and the many disruptions promised by digital age, I took a step back to figure out for my own sake what I should be campaigning for and why. Four years of research and thought later, the result is this short book. It contains three parts: 1) a global issue prioritisation, 2) a new political narrative and 3) a rough sketch of the direction we should take. It is first and foremost a political document, meant as a call to action for a global audience and as the basis for any future political engagement on my part.

I know the EA community to be both familiar with these issues and really good critical thinkers, so before I seek to get it edited and published I'm hoping a few of you won't mind taking a look at this third draft and providing some feedback. Feel free to be blunt: if there are flaws to the logic, or if the message is not realistically net positive, I'd rather know now than later.


  • Does the issue prioritisation make sense?
  • Is the narrative of life stewardship coherent and does it resonate?
  • Was it an enjoyable read? Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • If a party ran on this message and platform, would you vote for it?

Reference links to the factual claims will be added in the 4th draft. For now the Sources section at the end should give you a sense of where my data is coming from

Anyway, here it is - if you don't have time to read it all, summaries are available on pages 63-67:


Thanks kindly for your time and I look forward to hearing you thoughts (either in the comments below or by email)

Wyatt - wyatt@wyatttessari.ca

P.S. I'm seeking collaborators on this and other related projects so if it resonates let's connect