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Traditional EA recommendations and I aren't a good fit. Any job outside of a few narrow types of work I enjoy would drive me insane, and to preserve my mental health I've chosen to neither earn-to-give nor apply to work for an EA org. (Not that I'd be qualified for that; I didn't have the patience for much schooling either.)

However, I am still interested in finding ways to improve the world. So I was intrigued by this post on challenge trials; spending a couple weeks getting sick is something I could definitely do.  And now I'm wondering what other opportunities there are like this. Things that don't require a large commitment to monotonous labor nor extensive background knowledge or qualifications, yet can still have a significant positive impact.

Any suggestions?




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Kidney donation might be an option. There are a few different posts about it on the forum (it has its own tag).

Example: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/yTu9pa9Po4hAuhETJ/kidney-donation-is-a-reasonable-choice-for-effective 

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