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In Toronto, we have a handful of marketing and sales professions who are quite involved with our EA community. This seems uncommon, to have enough people interested in EA with this skill set to be able to start a sub-group, consulting team, or another kind project.

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for what these folks could work on and build a community around to further grow this niche and take on impactful work.

Thanks to Siobhan Brenton for point most of this out!




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One idea is for them to coordinate the global community of people in marketing/sales who are interested in EA.

Providing a point of entry for other marketers to see where the best places may be for them to work, what skills to build and what networks to join so that they can have more positive impact.

This may include a newsletter every few months highlighting job opportunities and examples of marketing for good, an online group(FB/Slack/etc) for people to swap ideas and potentially get mentorship.

Is marketing really that important in a company's operations?

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