The student EA group at the University of Florida (EAF) recently hosted a virtual event on artificial intelligence. The topics were alignment, governance, and entrepreneurship. 

Link to recording on Youtube

Link to presentation on Google Slides


Oliver Z. is the Co-founder of the Center for AI Safety (CAIS), a San Francisco-based research and field-building nonprofit working to reduce societal-scale risks associated with AI. Before dropping out of Stanford in 2022, Oliver studied computer science and authored three papers on Explainable AI and Out-of-Distribution Detection.

Sarthak Agrawal has been on the Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellowship since leaving his role as a Safety Analyst at OpenAI in December. In July, he will begin working on AI & tech policy in Congress. Sarthak holds a BA in South Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago.

Julius Ritter is the Co-founder of AI Entrepreneurs Berkeley, an organization currently supporting 11 unique startups working on generative AI and computer vision solutions. In addition to co-founding two startups, Julius is also a Machine Learning Researcher at UC Berkeley. He has accepted an internship offer with Mckinsey & Company for Spring 2024.


If you work in community building or the AI space and would like to learn more about our experience hosting the event and the data we collected, feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn.

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