"The UN Secretary-General's AI Advisory Body has launched its Interim Report: Governing AI for Humanity. The report calls for a closer alignment between international norms and how AI is developed and rolled out. The central piece of the report is a proposal to strengthen international governance of AI by carrying out seven critical functions such as horizon scanning for risks and supporting international collaboration on data, and computing capacity and talent to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also includes recommendations to enhance accountability and ensure an equitable voice for all countries."

Would be interested to know people's take on this. The final report, revised to take account of the submissions, will be presented in August 2024, in time for the UN's Summit of the Future in September. Both individual submissions and those on behalf of organisations are welcomed. Perhaps some EA groups would like to submit?


See also a paper on an AI governance research agenda by the Future of Humanity Institute for background: http://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/GovAI-Agenda.pdf

The Responsible AI UK group's response is here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6475c0191108a9696a4d5277/t/660efd6770ee033acb804084/1712258407861/Responsible-AI-Governance-a-Response-to-UN-Interim-Report-March24.pdf

The Simon Institute has also already produced a response to the UN interim report: https://www.simoninstitute.ch/blog/post/response-to-the-interim-report-of-the-un-secretary-general’s-high-level-advisory-body-on-artificial-intelligence/

And the Article 19 organisation's response is oriented towards human rights and freedom of expression: https://www.article19.org/resources/un-response-to-governing-ai-for-humanity-report/




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Deadline of 31 March 2024 has been extended, submissions still being accepted.

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