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by Aaron Gertler, JP Addison1 min read18th Sep 20201 comment


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Hello, readers!

As we said before, we run regular surveys to see how people feel about the Forum. 

Our second satisfaction survey asks whether the Forum has inspired you to take action or otherwise become more engaged in EA. It also asks the same "satisfaction" question as last time. (These are pretty close together because we ran the first one mid-quarter; going forward, we'll probably run them once per quarter, or every three months.)

>> Take the survey <<

Even if you took the last quick survey, it would be great if you took this one! We're trying to get "snapshots" of how people feel and slowly, feature by feature, work our way toward higher satisfaction. These numbers aren't all that guide us, but they provide at least some evidence of whether we're on the right track. 

(Every response is a tiny step toward the day when we crush Facebook once and for all.)

If you took the last survey, try not to anchor on your previous number; just say whatever feels right to you in the moment 😊

The EA Forum Team (Aaron and JP)

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Submitted. With only four fields, can confirm this was fun and a cinch to complete in 2-3 minutes. Thanks for benevolently leading the EA Forum - and have a good weekend!