BERI is planning to hand off our involvement in grant-making to 501(c)(3) organizations from the donations of philanthropist Jaan Tallinn. The hand-off will be to one or more other teams and/or processes that are separate from BERI. Andrew Critch, who has been instrumental in making grants funded by Jaan’s donations, will oversee this hand-off process, and will likely continue to act as an independent advisor to Jaan’s grant-making in the future. It is BERI’s understanding that Jaan will continue to sponsor grant-making in the area of existential risk reduction through other grant-making entities going forward.

But perhaps BERI will still make grants to individuals?

(This post does not pertain to individual grants from BERI, which Jaan has also sponsored with donations in the past. BERI will continue to administer collaboration-specific individual grants, and has not made a final decision as to when or whether we will seek funding from Jaan for individual grants competitions in the future, as we did in Fall 2018.)

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Update: looks the Survival and Flourishing Fund (a) is running some of Jaan's organizational grant-making now.