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Applications are now open (here)! Deadline: 23rd June 2024

EAGxUtrecht 2024 - part of the Effective Altruism Global series of conferences - will bring together a wide network of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives. Over three days, you'll connect with ≈700 like-minded individuals, engage with groundbreaking ideas, and leave equipped to turn inspiration into tangible action.

Join us at the Jaarbeurs venue in the centre of the beautiful city of Utrecht for a gathering of hearts and minds inspired by the effective altruism (EA) movement, and help us make EAGxUtrecht a launchpad for initiatives in the Netherlands (and beyond!) poised to shape a better future!

Questions about EAGxUtrecht? Check out the FAQs about this event.

Why is EAGxUtrecht special?

Application details

  • Application deadline: 23rd June 2024 (11:59 pm CEST)
  • Default ticket price: £100 GBP (around €115)
  • Discounts are available to ensure EAGxUtrecht is accessible for people with different budgets.

Travel expenses

We will have a limited amount of funding available to support attendees with travel grants, which you can request while submitting your application. These will be restricted to attendees who cannot attend the event without support. Please only apply for a travel grant if you cannot attend without it. You can read more in our Travel Support Policy document.

Should you apply?

EAGxUtrecht is intended both for individuals who are new to the EA movement and those who have been involved for some time. If you want to attend but are unsure whether to apply, please always err on the side of applying. For clarifications, you can read the FAQs about admissions for EAGx here, or contact us via email at utrecht@eaglobalx.org.




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