[Link] Thiel on GCRs

by Milan_Griffes1 min read22nd Jul 201911 comments



Peter Thiel & Eric Weinstein discuss global catastrophic risks, including biosecurity and AI alignment, starting at around the 2:33:00 mark of Thiel's interview on Weinstein's new podcast.

tl;dl – Thiel thinks GCRs are a concern, but is also very worried about political violence / violence perpetrated by strong states. He thinks catastrophic political violence is much more likely than GCRs like AI misalignment.

He has some story about political violence becoming more likely when there's no economic growth, and so is worried about present stagnation. (Not 100% sure I'm representing that correctly.)

Also there's an interesting bit about transparency & how transparency often becomes weaponized when put into practice, soon after the GCR discussion.