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Behaviour change is hard. Coaching makes it less so. We're offering six thirty-minute sessions to ~120 people in Q1 2023, and placing EAs at the top of the queue. It's free, one-to-one, and accessible anywhere in the world.  Sign up now!

Thanks to Spencer Greenberg and Spark Wave for creating the Ten Conditions For Change Framework, which strongly influenced our coaching curriculum.

What goes on in sessions?

Initially, your coach will ask you a series of questions about the behaviour you want to change and how you want to do it. Thereafter, they will help you formulate a plan using proven behavioural science principles. You’ll give it your best shot, and tell your coach how it went. You’ll then record your progress, make changes accordingly, and the process repeats. 

Who are the coaches?

Most if not all EAs who sign up from this post will be coached by Vidya. She's a recent Cambridge psychology graduate and aspiring clinical psychologist. Our other coaches are psych grads, or students entering their final year, who've been through an intensive three-month training program. Before being permitted to see clients, every coach has passed assessment by at least one expert.

How is it possible to offer this for free?
All of our coaches are volunteers. They're intrinsically motivated to help our cause and other people more generally! They're interested in becoming psychologists, so are keen to get first-hand experience with clients (a non-negotiable requirement for many PhD programs).

What type of behaviour changes can you help with?

We can help with any almost any change. Examples include: 

  • improving your diet/budgeting/habits
  • procrastinating less
  • being more assertive 

The only exceptions are changes that are so urgent that your long-term health is threatened unless resolved promptly (e.g. Severe alcoholism), and highly specialised problems (e.g. compulsions arising from OCD)

Is it confidential?

Yes, unless you are threatening to commit suicide or something of a similar level of severity. Other than that, the only person your coach is permitted to disclose to is their immediate supervisor (who will maintain strict confidentiality).  

Besides the direct benefit, what's your motivation?

We're an EA-aligned mental health charity looking to generate extra revenue. The fastest way to get this service up and running is to initially offer it for free, to massively increase demand, so we can quickly build up social proof needed to land paying clients. Given that free coaching is in extremely high demand, we're in a position to offer it selectively to those who'll use it most altruistically.

Claim your free coaching now (it only takes 2 minutes)




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Hey John. Thanks for putting this together! I don't think your post mentions where the coaching takes place. I'm guessing video conferencing?

It is indeed. Likely Google Meets to be precise

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