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I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and Marketing. I wish to find new projects tackling top problems and redirect investments towards these projects/ventures. My innate interest in Fundraising is what draws me towards working for a VC firm. But how do I start? Should I start talking to people who are working as/with VCs within the EA community?

I believe If I could redirect investments into avenues which need/deserve funding, I am making an impact. The thought or fact that penetrating into this job is uncertain if you do not have access to right resources bothers me.

I also feel like applying to programs like the Charity Entrepreneurship incubation can help me gain relevant career capital in fundraising side of things. In Ben Kuhn's  article he wrote “A thought leader in venture capital could do even more good by influencing what kind of companies people start even without investing in them.” I find this motivating and I'm also looking forward to some answers to my questions in the first paragraph.




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Without knowing more about your resume and background, I strongly suspect that the first priority, for your initial job, is going to be to get experience in a top/impressive firm, and not focus on finding an EA-aligned job until you have a couple years of experience.

Briefly, I've started my career with volunteering in an EA aligned org. My interest in VC and start-ups grew in final year at my undergrad university. I now believe that the career capital gained after working for VC firms could be beneficial for any EA org or non-profits in general. You've rightly pointed out what the priority should be as of now. Thanks!

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Let's not downvote posts from new users asking questions in good faith below +1 karma without a really good reason. I don't see such a reason here.

I think that there should be a high bar for posting, and also that the community needs a better way to respond than up/downvotes. 

Perhaps for new Forum users, their first couple posts should probably be moderated / held in a queue for feedback, to ensure that someone more experienced gives them personal feedback before they can post?

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