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It is a month away but it does take a while to brainstorm, plan and then organise events and activities. 

Some things that might be interesting to try:
An event where people bring a poem or song or art piece etc that fits the theme and share it with the group
A discussion on existential risks
A wacky workshop where you think of alternate histories. Pick an event from the past where things could have gone differently due to the choices of people involved and think through what the world would like like now in that alternate timeline
A party

Any ideas?




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We can follow Petrov's example, by speaking truth to power.  As example...

I'm a lifelong liberal Democrat but it pains me that President  Biden, who I voted for, rarely mentions nuclear weapons.    I know that's completely normal behavior in our society, but still, it's beyond odd isn't it?  And it's not just Biden, as we rarely ask him about the awesome power he holds.

Here's another thought.  Anyone here want to inherit a website about nuclear weapons?   This might be a great group project for any collection of energetic young people.

Briefly, it's a Wordpress site with a hundred or more pages of basic introductory material about nuclear weapons, activism, history etc.   I got it going a couple of years ago, but after 27 years of creating more websites than anyone could ever possibly count, I find myself at age 70, and too burned out on websites to continue.  

The site is currently off line, but I'll put it back up for anyone seriously thinking they might want it.  

If your group hasn't done the Petrov Day ritual, this is a good place to start. (There are several variants to choose from, and it's a living tradition, so making your own variant is encouraged, though obviously not required.)

Your group can hold a watch party of the movie about Petrov: The Man Who Saved the World. Then maybe discuss it a bit after!

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