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If you're familiar with effective altruism already, you can skip this post. 

If you aren't, we're glad you found us. Effective altruism (or "EA") brings together many interesting ideas, and people within the movement have already accomplished a lot

What is effective altruism?

Effective altruism is a social movement for people who want to improve the world as much as they can, using the time and resources we can spare. 

There are many ways to do good, of course. But we look for strategies that are especially effective, because lives are at stake and we need to make every resource count.

The EA Handbook introduces the big ideas of effective altruism, and some of the areas that people in the movement tend to focus on. You can read the content on this site, or take a free online course to explore the ideas alongside other people.

Get started

This page contains additional resources in a variety of formats, from articles and books to videos and podcasts.

What is the EA Forum?

The Forum is the best place to discuss effective altruism, from basic concepts to cutting-edge debate. 

See "How to use the Forum" for information on how the site works, as well as the rules and guidelines that govern our discussions. And see our resource post for other links you might find helpful.

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If you have questions about the Forum, or about effective altruism in general, we'd be happy to answer them! Here's information on how to contact us.

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