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This post lays out resources that might be valuable to Forum users, new or experienced. We want to keep it visible and up-to-date at all times.

New to effective altruism?

Learn the basics

A lot of posts on the Forum might be confusing if you’re not very familiar with effective altruism (“EA”). If you’ve just begun to learn about EA, try these resources:

  • For a quick intro: effectivealtruism.org can act as a quick introduction, and links to a number of other resources.
  • If you’d like to cover all of the basics: The EA Handbook covers a range of core concepts in effective altruism. You can read the content on your own, or take a free online course to discuss the ideas with other people.

Ask a question

If you have a specific question about EA, you should post it on the Forum: go to this page and click “New Question”. (You'll need to create an account or log in first.)

No matter how simple your question is, people here will be happy to help. Don’t be shy! 

New to the Forum?

How to use the site

You should start with “How to Use the Forum”, which covers ground rules and basic functionality.

Introduce yourself

People use our monthly “open threads” to introduce themselves and talk about what they’ve been doing. This is a great way to make your first comment!

We also recommend writing a bio.

Share your thoughts

Another good way to start commenting: read posts, and provide feedback to the authors. Positive feedback can be especially valuable!

Looking for something to read?

Get the weekly email digest

Every week, the Forum’s moderators send an email sharing some of their favorite recent posts. Sign up for the emails with this form.

Read user-made sequences

We also have sequences — lists of related posts that people have glued together for a better reading experience.

Sort posts by topic

Want something more specific? Look at our tag page, which sorts articles by topic.

Go the Forum’s Frontpage to see recent posts

The Frontpage displays recent posts, and shows them high up for longer if many users vote and indicate that they like the post.

View and sort every single post

For a more “choose your own adventure” feel, check out the “All Posts” page, which lets you filter thousands of posts using different criteria.

Want to write a post?

Just write a post! 

You can make a new post by clicking on your username in the upper right and selecting “New Post.” You can find instructions on how to use the different editors here

Want to start small? Consider writing a Shortform post or leaving a comment in our latest Open Thread. You could also start by telling someone you liked their post; friendly comments are always welcome!

Videos with advice on writing for the Forum

Aaron, who ran the Forum until recently, has given a few talks on how to find good ideas and write good posts (EAGxVirtual, EA Student Summit). If you want motivation or brainstorming tips, you might find it helpful to skim through them.

See what other people want

Other places to find ideas: 

1. “What posts do you want someone to write?” 

If you publish something based on a comment here, be sure to tell the commenter!

This is also a good place to post if you want someone else to write something.

2. "A central directory for open research questions"

Many people and organizations have made lists of questions they think could be very impactful to answer. This post contains most of those lists.

If you want to explore a question you find here, consider messaging the person/org that originally asked the question, so you can ask for feedback on your plans. 

Get feedback on your writing

If you have an idea for a post, consider sharing it in the thread “What posts are you planning on writing?

You can get feedback on ideas or actual drafts in the “Effective Altruism Editing and Review” Facebook group.

Want to meet other people in EA?

Explore EA communities and online spaces

The “Community” tab of the Forum can help you find local and online EA communities that you can join. 

Attend EA events

You can find many EA-related events

Participate in a Virtual Program

EA Virtual Programs are opportunities for anyone around the world to engage intensively with the ideas of effective altruism through readings, videos, podcasts, exercises, and weekly small-group discussions.

Want to engage on the EA Forum?

There are many ways you can interact with the Forum. If you’re unsure about anything, you might want to check out this post — which explains how to use the Forum — or contact us directly at forum@centreforeffectivealtruism.org

Want us to add something to this page?

Just leave a comment, and we’ll consider your idea. Thanks for helping out!

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By the way, the play icon on the left side of this post in the homepage made me think there was a video or audio clip in this page, but it turns out there isn't. I'm assuming you're trying to convey "start" with it, but I would recommend using a different icon. I think the original pin icon that you used to use for pinned posts is good to use for this post. Just my opinion!

FWIW, this was also my reaction.

Mine too!

I agree. How about just a right arrow? (🡲)

That would work. Or an information symbol ⓘ (the letter 'i' in a circle).

Or a green sprout. Some games have that to indicate new players.

I also think there's too much space (50px too much specifically) above "pinned posts"

I think the very first link to effectivealtruism.org is broken. It ended up as a relative URL which took me to "https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/fd3iQRkmCKCCL289u/Effectivealtruism.org"--i.e. back to this very page.

Thanks for pointing this out! Yeah, the link was broken, but it should work now. 

Since we are fixing broken links here, we have a outdated one here.

We currently link to the old handbook:

instead of the new one:

Every other link worked just fine.

Thanks for the note! Fixed.

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