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Hello everyone,

My name is Bary, I'm currently recovering from a 2-year-long anxiety and depression episode, which I partly attribute to me joining EA around that time. I am really thankful for this community, and for the amazing people here that helped me recover.

I'm writing a piece for the red teaming contest about community mental health. If since joining or learning about EA, you suffered from a mental health problem, even a minor one, or felt less satisfied with your job or life, I would like to have a 1:1 with you. Feel free to ping me here, on barylevi@gmail.com, or on Discord Bary#6478

Of course, if you feel like talking about your experience can cause you distress, please pass this opportunity. I am not a mental health professional and I will not be able to help.

Hello everyone, I am a new forum member. 

I am 29, live in Geelong, Australia and discovered the EA community through reading LessWrong a few years ago. I have paid attention to it since then, as well as read some of the canonical books and set up a regular automated donation. With this considered, I have since realised I should be more proactive in reaching out and connecting with people. Especially as I am currently going through a transitional phase in my career.

Originally I completed a bachelor's and master's in exercise science and worked within the strength and conditioning industry from the age of about 21-27. After that, I worked in the mental health industry for 12 months and now work in government. This transition came about during COVID-19  after I took the plunge of learning to code. I loved the challenge and after gaining some basic skills, I decided to re-enrol at university for an undergraduate in artificial intelligence. 

From about 24 onwards I had fantasised about changing careers and working in a space that was more pressing and impactful -- particularly AI alignment -- but felt I had already chosen my path and had to stick with it. (How naive of me!) Learning to code made me feel that maybe I hadn't missed my chance and the sooner I started making moves, the better. Although I still have a long way to go in getting my technical knowledge up to par, I am just taking it one small step at a time. Please let me know if you have any advice for someone at this stage of development who can start to get involved, contribute, and build skills that will have a scalable impact.

I also keep a blog where I try to arrange and distil my thoughts about topics that interest me, such as self-development, rationality, and productivity. If you're interested, you can find it at ThereforeThink.blog.

Nice to meet you all!


I am a newer forum member.  I have a BS in Math and an MBA, and work in healthcare data analysis (sometimes called data science); been doing jobs along these lines for 20 years.  I also run a small charitable foundation setup by a now deceased relative.

I've been vegan since about 2015.  In 2018 I started thinking about having a second career that was more directly impactful.  My thinking was something like "Some kind of charity, something to help animals maybe?  But I can't really imagine being a full time sanctuary worker.  Wouldn't someone else be better suited?  Maybe work for a big org like the Humane Society...but they are really focused on pets and I think that is not the biggest problem.  Maybe start my own organization.  Maybe I should continue to work in healthcare as some kind of advocate.  Pro Publica did that great opioid reporting, could I do something with them?"  And on and on; I didn't love any of the options so put the thinking on pause.

In 2020 I read Doing Good Better.  That was the start of a learning binge that has continued through today.  It feels like EA is a great fit for me.  I believe in helping, numeracy, science, taking ideas where they lead you.  Looking back at parts of my younger life it feels like EA just clicks really well with who I have been all along.  

I still don't know if I'll have a second career, or what exactly it would be, but I think I have the framework now to think about it clearly and possibly make a real difference.  I'm currently really interested in extending animal advocacy into the long-term and what challenges and opportunities that might present.

Aside from all that, I enjoy fitness - I ran my first marathon a couple months ago...before that I set several state powerlifting records.  I'm out on trails a lot, there's a notable correlation between my positive affect and time on hiking trails.  I live with my 3-generation family at our home in San Diego, USA.

New member here. I teach American government and learned about effective altruism through The Scout Mindset and Julia Galef's podcast.

Can anyone point me towards resources to help with finding an actually competent psychiatrist for ADHD and depression? It'd be even better if anyone has experience with and can recommend a Texas-based psychiatrist.

Hi! New here. I had a question about donations and the processing fees. Is there a specific rate or fee that Stripe charges for credit/debit donations? I'm trying to gauge which route to go given the fee structure + admin overhead. 

I believe I read somewhere that manual transfers + wires have more admin overhead such that they may only be beneficial if the donation exceeds $1000.  Is that true? 

I believe my options to donate are only a Wire Transfer with my bank. It only offers Zelle, Bill Pay, and Wire Transfers. The wire transfer comes with a reasonably high fee. So I'm trying to assess which is more beneficial for the o

Is there a way to search for sequences in this forum? There are some sequences that seem really good, like “Winners of the First Decade Review”, but I’m struggling to find sequences other than happening to find a post that’s part of a sequence, and then clicking on the sequence banner at the top. Any help would be great! :)

(Perhaps this has been talked about before, and I’d be grateful for being pointed in the right direction if so - though when I quickly searched just now, I wasn’t able to find an answer.)

There's a link to "library" in the menu on the left of the homepage.

It links to https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/library which has a list of sequences at the bottom.

Fwiw, looks like reciprocity.io (a Rationalist and EA dating site) has recently been upgraded. Thank you Buck for your work on this

Here’s me just jumping in to break the ice and lower the bar to entry for other folks thinking about maybe posting something in this thread!