Arturo Macias

Economist, Risk Manager @ Banco de España
Working (6-15 years of experience)
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I am an Economist working at Banco de España (Spanish Central Bank). I am 45 years old and have recently finished my PhD Thesis (See ORCID webpage: ).

How I can help others

Risk Management, banking regulation, energy and commodities, mechanism design.


Tactical medicine is perfect. The link you have provided is in Ukranian. Is there any page in English?

Given how the Oxford group has become the most relevant internationally in the academic research of X-risk is hard to argue against his tenure.

Beyond that, my main claim is about the mail incident. I claim: i) the original mail was a minor misstep by a young person without special responsibilities and, ii) not taking a position on the issue of the racial IQ gap is not only acceptable but morally mandatory.

Do you have any suggestion for non lethal aid to Ukraine? For example, organizations providing electrical generators, heaters, anything that can help the non military resistance of Ukraine’s population?

I repeat here my previous post supporting Bostrom, and his apology:

He is a simply one of the best philosophers of our time, and the main founder or longtermism. The comment in the original mail list was a modest misstep by a person without special responsibilities at the time, and his apology in 2023 has been entirely appropriate.

The racial IQ gap is an observational fact, and he is not an expert on its determinants, so he shall not take a position on a scientific issue that lays beyond his academic authority.

I disagree! The European institution harmonize (often this means "take the less constraining requements") european regulation. Europe is perhaps too regulatory, the EU  is not a force for more regulation, only for uniform regulation. 

Never forget that EU directives are approved by a supermajority of the European Council (=the meeting of European governments),  plus the EU Parliament (that almost allways accept by majority anything that the Council approves by supermajority).

Oh, of course en the real world, political action is unfortunately based on expectations manipulation, mood affiliation, and any utilitarian shall understand the logic of activism.

But it is important to have an idea of what we want, and in the difference between value and fact, and between policy and institutional mechanism.

This kind of idealization is in my view for utilitarians what “class struggle” is for marxists, or “property” is for libertarians.

Unlike them, our ideal construction is truly fundamental.

An interesting side effect is that “deontology” can be utilitarian: often objective rules are the best device to obtain maximum welfare.

In fact, good rules are the main product a good utilitarian framework!

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