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TL;DR: Let us know how you are feeling about EA post the FTX crisis by filling out the EA survey. If you’ve already responded to the EA survey, you can take the extra questionnaire here


We are gathering perspectives on how the FTX crisis has impacted the community’s views of the effective altruism movement, its organizations, and leaders. CEA has worked with Rethink Priorities to append these questions to the EA surveyIf you haven’t taken the 2022 EA Survey yet, you can take the EA survey with our FTX specific questions here. With our new FTX questions, our testers estimate the survey will take you <15 minutes.

If you have already taken the EA survey, you can answer our FTX specific questions hereIf you login to your effectivealtruism.org account, most answers will be saved. By logging in, testers that had previously completed the EA survey finished the extra questionnaire in <5 minutes. 

Note: the extra FTX survey will close on December 31st, along with the EA survey as a whole. 


Why are you running this survey?

The survey will provide us a broad but shallow understanding of how EAs around the world are feeling about Effective Altruism post FTX crisis. There are a variety of community efforts to try to understand how the community is feeling, and we feel the survey can serve as a useful complement to these efforts.

Why are you combining this with the EA survey?

The EA survey asks a number of demographic questions which will also be useful for analysis of the FTX-specific questions. By combining the survey we minimize overhead for those survey respondents while simultaneously increasing response rate and making it easier for us to cross-reference and analyze the data.

Will the results of this survey be public?

We intend on releasing our analysis of the aggregate survey results publicly, just as we do with the rest of EA Survey results.

Who will see the raw data in this survey? 

In order to conduct the analysis, a few employees of Rethink Priorities and the Center for Effective Altruism will have access to the raw data in the survey. 

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Feedback on the questions: I think the wording is too strong sometimes. I.e. the question “want the EA community to look very different as a result of this crisis.“ or spend significant time ect. This effectively compresses the scale for me, not wanting to choose the one or two most extreme choices.

I see that it's a QUALtrics survey 😜

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