Do you think the amount of burner accounts is too high? What if you had a chance to directly talk to some of EA’s most prominent burners and bring your concerns about their concerns directly to them?

Various burner accounts are getting together to host a meetup.

Have you ever wanted to meet the face behind Whistleblower3Whistleblower9Whistleblower10, or Whistleblower67? What about BurnerAcct or anotherEAonaburner? Want to meet all the concerned EAs behind ConcernedEAs?


Activities will include:


All communication will be done exclusively in the Navajo language, encrypted via ADFGVX, then through the Enigma machine, and finally via AES-256. The communication will then be sent via smoke signals that are sent via Signal.

This meetup will take place on April 1 in a remote undisclosed location for security purposes.

Plus we will finally reveal the shocking true identity of one of the most prolific burner accounts, Nathan Young!




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I applied to attend the Burner Accounts Anonymous meetup and was rejected.

Initially, I received no feedback. Just a standard auto-generated rejection message.
After reaching out to BurnerMeetupBurner for feedback, I learned that I was rejected because of my IQ. The event is apparently only for high IQ individuals.

I feel very disappointed. Not only because I believe that intelligence is not relevant for making a fruitful contribution to event, but also because of the lack of transparency in the application process.

This makes me consider leaving the EA burner movement and post under my real name in the future.

I can host the adjacent astroturfing meetup! I’ll reserve one seat at a restaurant.

I’d love to find out the real names of Michael Smith, Jonas Müller, Julian Wise, and Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh!

You'll never get it out of me.

Is there an alternative for those of us who can't use signal?

 "The communication will then be sent via smoke signals that are sent via Signal." Brilliant 🧠


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