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This article describes the modeling of an international, multi-disciplinary team that attempted to find the impact for human food consumption under various nuclear war scenarios.  This being published in one of the most well-known journals could increase the awareness and interest in this sort of scenario forecasting.




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A simpler analysis might be helpful for those who aren't intellectual professionals.  

  • We can reasonably guess it would only take about 50 nukes to destroy America's largest cities.   
  • This would likely collapse the food distribution system, resulting in widespread starvation.  
  • How long  could the average citizen survive on the food that they currently have on hand.  For most people the answer will be, not very long.
  • Uncontrollable chaos begins not with hunger and starvation, but at the moment that a critical mass of people realize that they are not going to be able to replenish their food supplies by legal means.    
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