Sebastian Sanchez has been working on a timeline of FTX collapse on the Timelines Wiki; I'm paying for the work and also providing some input and direction. The timeline isn't quite done yet; you can see some pending (unchecked) items in the What the timeline is still missing section. And we may need to expand it further as we find more information or new stuff happens. Further proofreading and fact-checking are also pending.

The timeline is focused largely on the collapse in November 2022; Sebastian plans to work on a timeline of FTX that will go more into the background. For more on what the collapse timeline is focused on, see the inclusion criteria section of the timeline.

Thoughts welcome!

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Thanks! Sebastian added one row about Luna (the very first in the timeline) based on this feedback. The timeline of FTX (i.e., not the collapse but FTX itself) may eventually have more coverage of the LUNA episode and its implications for FTX, but that timeline is currently in very early stages.