[Link] Updated Drawdown now available, incl. 2020 Review

by SebK 1 min read7th Mar 20209 comments


Project Drawdown released their 2020 Update last week. It's now completely freely available and, in my opinion, the most accessible quantitative reference on climate solutions.

Updated table of climate solutions: https://drawdown.org/solutions/table-of-solutions

Drawdown 2020 review (requires email registration to download): https://drawdown.org/drawdown-framework/drawdown-review-2020

Notably, Reducing food waste has moved up to take the top rank, followed by Health and Education and then Plant-based diets. Refrigerant management, the previous top priority, is now ranked fourth, followed by Tropical forest restoration.

Three out of those five are already front and center in EAs' awareness anyway; but Reducing food waste and Refrigerant management perhaps less so. I'm curious to hear whether this may compel folks to update their mental models (or why not).