Founders Pledge, in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank, have today launched a Covid-19 Response Fund. Silicon Valley Bank have generously seeded this with $1m. In the first instance, the fund will focus on:

  • Medical research into treatments and vaccines
  • Policy research and advocacy to deal with the current outbreak
  • Global humanitarian support

In the first instance, we will be supporting the following organisations:

  • John Hopkins Center for Health Security
  • Gates' Covid Fund
  • Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Initiatives COVID-19 Vaccine

Among others. We will monitor the funding needs of organisations in the space, and will look to add additional high-impact recommendations.

In the longer-term, the fund will focus on preparedness for the next pandemic, including engineered pandemic-potential pathogens.

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Could also be cool to administer a coronavirus prize independent from Emergent Ventures, trying to get more expected impact than Tyler.