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A few weeks ago we, Charity Entrepreneurship, invited applications for career coaching. We received >100 applications and coached ~¼ of those that applied. Feedback was very positive (net promoter score >9.3), and while impact would be difficult to attribute, we feel it was worthwhile. 

Our aim as an organization is for more highly impactful charities to exist in the world. So we see value in encouraging and supporting more EAs to seriously consider entrepreneurship as a career path. Many overlook the path due to misconceptions. We note that ~50% of those that found great charities through our Incubation Program did not initially see themselves as a fit for entrepreneurship until they learned more about the career area. 

If you feel you could potentially start an impactful organization but have reservations or see barriers, please check out the coaching that we are offering and GET IN TOUCH HERE

This coaching is best fit for people who:

  • Are significantly interested in Effective Altruism
  • Are keen to explore entrepreneurship or senior positions at existing organizations
  • Are aware of the kinds of organizations we help launch (i.e. those that aim to be at least five times as cost-effective as the Against Malaria Foundation)

It’s worth noting that the most common reasons we weren’t in a position to provide coaching to earlier applicants are:

  • Applicant is already getting similar assistance elsewhere
  • Applicant is looking for assistance outside of our specific scope/specialization we can provide
  • Applicant is developing their own idea for a charity which is outside our scope
  • Applicant is seeking funding which is outside of our remit

This is no reflection on their potential or fit for a career in EA entrepreneurship or for our Incubation Program. It’s more the case that we may not have the expertise and bandwidth to answer cause or organization specific questions. 

Lastly, if there’s someone in your network, and you believe that with support from CE (i.e. funding, a well researched idea, and training), they could become an amazing founder, please encourage them to reach out to us. 





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