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I am pleased to share the successful conclusion of the first conference dedicated to global catastrophic risks for Spanish-speaking audiences. This pioneering event was a collaborative effort between the Human Rights Commission, the Faculty of Sciences of UNAM, Carreras con Impacto, and the Observatorio de Riesgos Catastroficos Globales. The objective of this conference was to open academic discussions on GCRs in the Spanish-speaking world, encourage UNAM students to focus their careers on these topics, and generate original content for Spanish-speaking audiences.

Conference Details

  • Dates: February 14-15, 2024
  • Recordings: All talks were recorded and can be accessed here.
  • Attendance: Approximately 80 participants
  • Language: All sessions were conducted in Spanish
  • Media Coverage: The event was announced in UNAM’s media outlets, including Gaceta UNAM

Moving Forward

The success of this conference underscores the importance of continuing dialogue and collaboration in the Spanish-speaking world. We are committed to fostering a well-informed community prepared to tackle the challenges posed by global catastrophic risks. This event marks the first collaboration with the most important university in Mexico and the second in Latin America.




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