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The upcoming formation of the UN High-level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence is an essential development in steering the future of AI. 

Many members of the EA community have a deep understanding of AI risks, safety, and alignment. The insights and expertise within our community could be invaluable in guiding responsible AI governance and policy. 

The UN Secretariat is opening nominations for this  body, inviting those with experience in AI safety, government, industry, civil society, and academia. 

If you know someone within our community, or even feel yourself drawn to this cause, this is a moment where you can make a difference. The Advisory Body seeks diversity in geography, gender, age, and interdisciplinary knowledge, symbolizing the broad and complex nature of AI.

The nomination window is only open until 11:59pm EST on 31 August 2023.

Seems like a great opportunity to make practical progress on informing policy about ai risks. 

Nominate someone, or apply here:





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This looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing with the forum!

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