I have created an agency to provide free tech support and development to any EA organisation. Judging by my inbox over just a few days since announcing this on my personal LinkedIn page, there has been a lot of demand for something like this. Please get in touch if your organisation has any technical needs you have not been able to fulfil by other means (e.g. due to lack of money or time):


I'm able to work on this project full-time for an initial six-month pilot period, thanks to a grant from the EA Infrastructure Fund of the EA Funds programme. Hopefully, it will grow larger over time, and my aim is for it to become a permanent organisation.

You can read more on the website about exactly what can be provided. I've already noticed some things I think virtually any EA organisation benefits from, such as making your website faster, increasing traffic (e.g. via search engine optimisation), security audits, and more.

Whatever your needs are, send an email, and we can figure something out. If you don't need this for your own organisation or don't work at one, you can help the project by spreading the word: simply let EA people know via your usual channels that they can get free tech help at https://altruistic.agency/

If you're interested in the project, you can also follow it on LinkedIn, which is where I will post most updates.

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This is a great initiative! I help run Impact CoLabs that hosts many organization and projects in need of different types of expertise, tech expertise being a very common one. If you ever have free time, please reach out at info@impactcolabs.com as we can connect you with high-impact projects in need. We welcome you (and anyone else) to also fill out a volunteer profile so organizations can find you directly as well. Thanks again for doing this with you free time!

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