Effective giving

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I just saw that there's an effective funding entry. It seems to me that:

  1. "effective funding" and "effective giving" are basically synonyms
  2. So we should merge the two tags
    • Keeping the useful parts of the text from each
      • Maybe this'd mean mainly using the text from the "effective funding" entry and then just adding or tweaking a few bits in like of the "effective giving" text
  3. The term "effective giving" is used more often in EA
    • I'd actually never heard the term "effective funding" before seeing this entry
  4. So we should use the name "effective giving" for the merged tag

(But maybe I'm wrong about one or more of those things..)

I support merging them and calling the tag "effective giving".

I also support this.

I'll proceed to do the merging now.

Okay, done. I moved the content under 'issues related to effective funding' and fixed all the links. I will leave the effective funding entry up for a couple of days, in case anyone wants to move any additional content or compare the two entries, and will then delete it.