Resource tradeoffs

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One option would be to generalise it into "resource tradeoffs" or something like that, since there are other kinds of resources besides time and money. One tagged article is about "time-time tradeoffs", which doesn't quite with with the title.

A related concept one may want to use is "resource neutrality" (or some other term for the same concept)- that we should be neutral regarding what resources to spend (e.g. time vs money), just like we should be neutral regarding what cause to choose. Caroline Ellison effectively discusses such neutrality (without explicitly mentioning it) in her recent post. Such a concept could also be discussed in the cause neutrality entry.

Yeah, I think renaming it Resource tradeoffs makes sense. I will go ahead and make the change in a couple of days if no one objects.

Done. I think the entry needs to be revised and expanded a bit, and I may do that eventually, but feel free to improve it.

Here are things relevant to this topic which might be worth adding to the Bibliography:

(The quoted bit is quoting from the first link's list of other links.)