Adam Binks

I'm a PhD student in CS. Topic: improving group decision-making with argumentation theory and software. Get in touch if you would like to chat about it!

I started the St Andrews chapter of One for the World, and help out running the EA university group here.


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Type Checking GiveWell's GiveDirectly Cost Effective Analysis

Fascinating post, thank you! This was a great introduction to dimensional analysis for me.

CEA update: Q1 2021

Thanks for this, really interesting! I am surprised that the total attendance of fellowships isn't even higher - do you have a feel for whether they're typically constrained by mentors or signups? In my experience helping run fellowships, many people are surprisingly interested but haven't heard about EA, have you looked at ways to reach more of these people?

A case against strong longtermism

I think this is a good point, I'm really enjoying all your comments in this thread:)

It strikes me that one way that the next century effects of our actions might be instrumentally useful is that they might give some (weak) evidence as to what the longer term effects might be.

All else equal, if some action causes a stable, steady positive effect each year for the next century, then I think that action is more likely to have a positive long term effect than some other action which has a negative effect in the next century. However this might be easily outweighed by specific reasons to think that the action's longer run effects will differ.

Ask Rethink Priorities Anything (AMA)

These are fascinating, I would love to see answers to all of these questions!

£4bn for the global poor: the UK's 0.7%

Alongside social media ads, could one possible strategy be asking highly motivated constituency members in targeted areas (eg EAs, people that email their MP) to post similar content to the ads, to local Facebook groups and their own social media networks? Zero cost, and might extend reach beyond paid adverts.

One risk is that if they're not very well informed they might misrepresent the message. In which case the campaign could provide materials for them to post (maybe identical to the ad content).

Please Take the 2020 EA Survey

I think my ethics are less considered than the average EA community member, so I think I'd rather defer the decision to them. Doesn't seem especially motivating for me personally.