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I'm Alfredo, currently Chief of Staff at the Legal Priorities Project (LPP), a longtermist research organization whose mission is to "conduct strategic legal research that mitigates existential risk and promotes the flourishing of future generations, and to build a legal community that shares these concerns." Before joining LPP in late 2020, I worked in operations at the Effective Altruism Foundation and its main project—the Center on Long-Term Risk. I also co-founded the EA Munich group in 2015.


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Thanks for the feedback, Max! And also for your support in the past. Super appreciated. :)

Hi! I've been working full time in operations at EA orgs for 6 years (3.5 years at the Center on Long-Term Risk and 2.5 at the Legal Priorities Project). I rarely ever work past 6 pm and ~never on weekends, and have had colleagues with similar boundaries. Everyone I've worked with has been extremely respectful of those boundaries.

When deciding whether to take a job, I think it's possible to tell your potential employer something like "I'm willing to work X hours per week, I'm not willing to do Y, etc. Do you still want to hire me?" And let them decide. Similarly, I think recruiters should always share the worst parts about the job before hiring someone (more on this here). And if they don't, you can always ask.

Good luck!

Thanks for joining us, everyone! We had such a good time—hope you did too!


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See you again soon!

- The Legal Priorities Project team

This is so amazing to read! I first met Eirik in 2015 when he was studying abroad in Munich—he also helped get EA Munich off the ground together with me and others! He continues to be one of the nicest and kindest people I know, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Very well deserved!

I guess you mean "EAGxLatinAmerica" instead of "EAGx Mexico"?

I like Numbeo and have used it for various purposes, though in this case, looking at the indices for Mexico City as a whole might not be that informative, given a) how huge Mexico is and b) the fact that fellows would likely spend most of their time in the safest parts of the city.

Some answers to your questions might be found in this podcast on "Using Light (Sunlight, Blue Light & Red Light) to Optimize Health", maybe also this one on "Timing Light, Food, & Exercise for Better Sleep, Energy & Mood".

(They're both timestamped.)

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