Arden P. B. Wiese

Student @ Stanford Online High School
In high school



Stanford Online High School EA Club; Magnify Mentee; Atlas Fellow

involved in EA since c. 2017; mostly persuaded of longtermism since c. 2021

How others can help me

Help me reduce my uncertainty or be less wrong about the follow Qs:

  • Share your inside view on AI, ethics, &/or career planning
  • How tractable is AI alignment? What are the most promising approaches currently?
  • What are the next steps I should take to test my fit for technical AI alignment research?
  • How much of a x-risk threat multiplier are climate change & the decline of liberal democracy globally?
    • What happens after major climate tipping points are reached?
    • Where will civil wars break out over the next 50 years?
  • How tractable is biosecurity?
  • What are the next steps I should take to test my fit for biosecurity?
  • Brainstorm low cost ways of testing aptitudes
  • Share thoughts on optimizing personal learning; productivity; mental health
  • What question should I be asking?

Or, give me feedback:

How I can help others

  • Share knowledge & contacts re climate mitigation
  • Share thoughts on climate & EA communication
  • Share thoughts on community building & organizing a student group
  • Discuss EA & longtermism w/ curious newcomers
  • Discuss career planning & cause prioritization w/ other high schoolers or undergrads & connect you w/ relevant people
  • Be an accountability partner / co-worker
  • Discuss mental or physical health


I think you make some excellent points. Thanks for writing this. 

Thank you so much! I've been busy the last few weeks & totally missed this post. Really appreciate you sharing it : )

I'm afraid I'm not being clear; does the below at all address your uncertainty?

I just added this edit: Should EA dedicate some resources to reducing our uncertainty on this question? ("This question" referring to would/how much would x-risk increase if the western world was run by Viktor Orbans.)

Hey Noah, Thanks for your comment. I guess I was asking less about the impact democratic leaders have on climate policy and more about how a warmer, less democratic world could increase the likelihood of an x-risk. Do you have any thoughts on how the things mentioned in your comment may impact x-risks?

Chemistry: A molecular approach (5th Edition) by Nivaldo Tro

Probably not going to correct errors; I appreciate errors being flagged but probably will not go back & correct them (I took AP Chem 4 years ago).

Attempting to be complete; except for Chapters 1-4, which contain large gaps.

Medium quality; I made it only for myself so there are notes only relevant to me, plus Chapters 1-4 are low quality especially for someone without prior knowledge of chemistry.

Experience: Roughly 0.75 of another chemistry textbook.

Reviewing Deck: Yes

Great post! Thanks for writing this. It’s helped me cross off military service as a career path.

“I also think some of the statements you're recounting are partially a joke.“ Since Florence repeatedly explicitly states that they are branded as jokes, I’m curious why you meant to infer by putting this in your comment.

Hey, I think Training for Good might be trying to put together a self-paced online course about learning how to learn. Have you by any chance connected with them? : )