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Hello, my name's Bella Forristal. I work at 80,000 Hours, as a marketer. I'm interested in animal advocacy, moral circle expansion, and normative ethics. Previously, I worked in community building with the Global Challenges Project and EA Oxford, and have interned at Charity Entrepreneurship. Please feel free to email me to connect at :)


(Not an animal scientist or a scientist of any nature btw!)

I'd guess sessile animals (e.g. mussels) fail (at least) motivational tradeoffs and analgesia preference.

This is so cool


Adult Blattodea and Diptera meet 6/8 criteria to a high or very high level of confidence, constituting strong evidence for pain (see Table 1, below). This is stronger evidence for pain than Birch et al. (2021) found for decapod crustaceans (5/8), which are currently protected via the UK Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act 2022.

My current credence in the ability of decapod crustaceans to feel pain is really high, so seeing that there's more evidence for Blattodea and Diptera (on these criteria) is huge, thank you!

Strong upvoted because just the summary is so exciting!! Can't wait to have a proper read of the detail.

Is there a deadline for any of these roles?

I think it's completely absurd that I started out going 'how can I do the most good' and ended up going 'I'm going to buy a bunch of ads on social media platforms' .... How did we get in this situation where that's a plausible, earnest answer to the question of how to do the most good??

Weak downvoted because I think the title is somewhat misleading given the content of the post (and I think you know this, since you replied below: 'Perhaps I oversold the provocative title.') I think we should discourage clickbait of this nature on the Forum.

This is an attitude I hold strongly, though my internal spin on it is something like:

When you're trying to help others, ruthlessly pursue that goal

When you're not trying to help others, ruthlessly do whatever you want all the time.

This really works for me as a framing, personally. Someone pointed out to me today it's very MTG red, if that means anything to you.

(Obviously, this only works well if 'whatever you want' is ~always harmless)

They're surprisingly well-studied - I think because they have very simple & highly centralised nervous systems. I also liked this Microcosmos video on them :)

Hi - could you share any impressions of the room for more funding here? How much money could be effectively deployed by the team working on this? Do they have fundraising targets?

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