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Applications for this position are due by 23 August 2022.

We're looking for a new marketer to help us expand our readership and scale up our marketing channels.

We'd like to support the person in this role to take on more responsibility over time as we expand our marketing team.

80,000 Hours provides free research and support to help people find careers tackling the world's most pressing problems.

We've had over 8 million visitors to our website, and more than 3,000 people have told us that they've significantly changed their career plans due to our work. We're also the largest single source of people getting involved in the effective altruism community, according to the most recent EA Survey.

Even so, about 90% of US college graduates have never heard of effective altruism, and we estimate that just 0.5% of students at top colleges are highly engaged in EA. As a marketer with 80,000 Hours, you would help us achieve our goal of reaching all students and recent graduates who might be interested in our work. We anticipate that the right person in this role could help us grow our readership to 5–10 times its current size, and lead to hundreds or thousands of additional people pursuing high-impact careers.

We're looking for a marketing generalist who will:

  • Start managing (and eventually own) our two largest existing marketing channels:
    • Sponsorships with people who have large audiences, primarily on YouTube (influencer marketing).
    • Paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram (digital marketing).
  • Take on management of some other existing marketing efforts, such as promoting The 80,000 Hours Podcast on podcast listening platforms, and managing the promotion of our book giveaway.
  • Be responsible for evaluation and analytics of your marketing efforts, such as comparing conversion rates, cost per acquisition, and analysing the engagement levels of new readers.
  • Write for and design relevant pages on our website, such as landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Depending on your background and interests, we might also like you to:

  • Help us manage our Google Ads nonprofit grant, or expand into paid search and/or YouTube ads on the Google Ads platform.
  • Work on conversion rate optimisation of the website, such as by running A/B tests on alternative calls to action.
  • Expand into other paid digital advertisement platforms, such as on LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, or Snap.
  • Manage our social media accounts.
  • Help the content team with search engine optimisation of our website content.

Your focus in this role will be on our existing channels to begin with (sponsorships and digital advertisements). However, we would be excited to support you towards eventually taking on more responsibility, including:

  • Providing input on our marketing strategy — for example, generating ideas for major marketing initiatives, discussing which to pursue, and figuring out which metrics we should optimise to most effectively achieve our goals.
  • Investigating and launching new marketing initiatives or partnerships as a primary decision maker.

Bella Forristal would be your manager. You would be the second marketer hired to the team, which we intend to grow rapidly.

As some indication of what success in the role might look like, over the next three years you might have:

  • Cost-effectively deployed >$5 million reaching people from our target audience.
  • Worked with some of the largest and most respected YouTube creators (for instance, we have existing contacts with Tom Scott, SciShow (Hank Green), and Wendover Productions).
  • Managed Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that reached tens of millions of people.
  • Driven tens or hundreds of thousands of additional newsletter subscriptions, leading to hundreds or thousands of people changing to a more impactful career.
  • Expanded your responsibility to include other marketing channels.

We're looking for someone who has:

  • A strong interest in effective altruism and longtermism, ideally with experience in EA strategy.
  • An enthusiastic approach to the role; you're excited about 80,000 Hours' mission and growing our reach.
  • Excellent written communication (in particular, you're comfortable discussing decisions and uncertainties with the rest of the team in writing).
  • An interest in thinking carefully about what will drive engagement with our work from people who might make especially high-impact career changes, and what this means for our marketing strategy.

Ideally, you'd also have the following traits — but we encourage you to apply even if they don't describe you!

  • Previous experience in marketing, especially influencer or digital marketing, or a related field (this might include things like product management, software engineering, data science, operations, or communications; or maybe you've worked on a side project that attracted a large number of users).

Since we are a nonprofit, and we aren't selling a product, this is a fairly nontraditional marketing role. We'd therefore encourage you to apply, even if you aren't otherwise looking for roles in marketing.

This is a full-time role. We would prefer for you to work in-person, based in London (we can support UK visa applications if needed). You can work remotely for up to three months of the year if needed.

The salary will vary based on your skills and experience, but to give a rough sense, the starting salary for someone with no relevant prior experience would be approximately £58,000 per year; for someone with four years of relevant prior experience it would be approximately £70,000 per year.

Our benefits include:

  • The option to use 10% of your time for self development
  • 25 days of paid holiday, plus bank holidays
  • Standard UK pension, with 3% contribution from employer
  • Flexible work hours and location
  • Private medical insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Gym, shower facilities, and free food provided at our London office

We have a really awesome team and are excited for more people to join us in our mission to help people use their careers to solve the world's most pressing problems.

We're aware that factors like gender, race, and socioeconomic background can affect people's willingness to apply for roles for which they meet many but not all the suggested attributes. We'd especially like to encourage people from under-represented backgrounds to apply.

To apply, please fill in this application form. If you have any problems submitting the form, please send your CV to jess@80000hours.org. Applications are due by 23 August 2022.

Note: This is a role which does not require prior experience. However, if you're a more senior marketer who is enthusiastic about 80,000 Hours' mission, we'd still be really excited to talk to you about whether you might be able to help. Please apply above or email jess@80000hours.org.





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(I work at Open Phil on community-building grantmaking.)

This role seems quite high-impact to me and I'd encourage anyone on the fence to apply. Our 2020 survey leads me to believe that 80k has been very impactful in terms of contributing to the trajectories of people who are now doing important longtermist work. I think good marketing work could significantly increase the number of people that 80k reaches, and the impact of doing this quickly and well seems competitive with a lot of other community-building work to me — one reason for this is that I think one digital marketer can effectively deploy a lot of funding.

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