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If you’ve ever interacted with 80,000 Hours, we’d really like to hear from you to get your feedback.[1]

Learning about how our programs have influenced you — for good and for bad — is the best way for us to work out whether what we’re doing is working, and figuring out how we can have more impact.

Your feedback will inform our strategy going forward, on questions like whether we should scale up or discontinue our programs, what mistakes we might have been making, and whether our ideas for new initiatives seem promising.

So, we’d be really grateful if you filled out our 2022 user survey.

We’ve taken all the measures we can to make it easy to fill out — it should take about 20 minutes, more if you give detailed answers, less if you skip questions. Also, all the questions are optional, so you only have to answer as many as you’d like to.

If you filled it out in 2020, we’ll show you a shortened version of the survey aimed to get updates from you.

Learning from our users is one of the best ways for us to improve as an organisation. We think our mission is pretty important, which means it’s also important to try to work out how we could be doing better.

Thanks for helping 80,000 Hours improve!

Fill out the survey here.

  1. ^

    ‘Interacted with’ means a pretty broad set of things here: have you ever read an article on our website, listened to a podcast episode, learned about (or even applied for) an opportunity on our job board, or done an advising call with us? Has 80,000 Hours influenced your worldview, cause prioritisation, or career plans at all? Do you have takes on what we could be doing better as an organisation, or things that we’re missing?




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