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AI safety starter pack

Update on the project board thing - I'm assuming that was referring to this website, which looks really awesome!

How I use Anki: expanding the scope of SRS

Hey Pablo! These seem really interesting, I love the implementation of music with Anki (even if they haven't all been successes). Adding audio files was one thing I forgot to mention in the post, I did it when I was learning Chinese and it was pretty useful (although I stopped learning Chinese pretty soon after I started adding them, so they never really caught on - I suspect it would have been too much work to mass-produce).

I like the keyboard shortcuts one! It would be great if Anki had a way of testing whether you'd typed out the right keys, although I agree that without this it seems hard to implement.

And thanks for describing how you create Anki cards for textbooks - it's always interesting to hear other peoples' actual card creation process, i.e. how you decide which bits of knowledge to Ankify in whatever you're reading, rather than just the mechanics (the former is something I didn't really go into in the post).